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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for microfoon mike
if you want both retro looks and great performance, the 55SH will be your first choice. With that said, this will be my go to mic.... Chrome Plated Die Casting, Heavy Duty Construction, Quality Merchandise, fast shipping and Great Service i.e. I ordered on Jun. 12 2018 and I received the mic in 11 days... as a matter of fact I checked the mail tracking today the 24th and it said, delivered... wow, it was in my mail box since yesterday! It gets people's attention: Stunningly eye-catching and great sounding. I own several microphones (SM57s, SM58s, etc.), and this is my favorite. I love it! This mic has a vintage 75 years old design-your and my grandparents may have seen one in a live concert of James Brown or in front of the Rolling Stones while performing.