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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for mkiii
Remarkable compact-sized amp @ the price point. Drives my NZ-made Image Illusion floor-standing speakers with ease. Gives my previous tube amp @ over 10 times the price a run for its money & has better bass response. Yes, it's a type of hybrid but on initial listening it combines the best features of tube & solid state. Bluetooth works flawlessly too. There's an transformer hum apparent, but it doesn't interfere with the listening experience. The power lead & plug could be improved & the orange LED source light is excessively bright, but hey these are minor quibbles given the cost of the unit. Very satisfied overall.
Good design and quality. Definitely lighter then my original cam gear. Installed without issue on my Mk1 VW Jetta GLI. Seller provided very fast shipping - didn't expect it to arrive as quickly as it did - good job! :)