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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for mordoa stand
Made of very thin plastic. Bought 3 organizers from the shop. Two are of good quality. This one is not. Happy with the other two. Not too happy with this one. But all 3 were packed very well in a thermopole box. There was no damage, no scratches.
Really nice! I love that it comes with both organizers and that it is easily rearrangeable. I use these to organize my makeup (small one for eyeliner, lipsticks and other thin bottles; large one for foundation, brushes, setting spray, and other large items). I am completely satisfied and the quality is great. It shipped and arrived way earlier than I expected. Thank you for this lovely item!
It was packed package well I did not call me broken thank goodness I put it up and is able to hold a large a bunch of my make up even though it’s made for nail polish
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