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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for mtk telefoon
The main problem with Doogee is it's supposed ruggedness. Because it's heavy, it hits hard when it falls and it's not really durable. A fall from my lap made a big hole in the phone. Also the range of NFC is not great. You really need to position it well to make a connection. That's probably why wireless charging is so slow. It also doesn't automatically switch to mobile Internet when you leave a WiFi zone and you have to manually reset it to enable it. Also, if you live in Serbia, you'll have to pay additional 70 euro for customs and tax. Other than that, it's a good phone, certainly the fastest for the price, so it gets 4 stars from me. The seller gets five stars. The phone arrived in 14 days. It was held in customs for two weeks, but that's not their fault. They waited until the phone was delivered to send the charger and headphones. I don't know why, but I didn't mind waiting.