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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for new scuba diving
Bright pink snorkel finally arrived, I've ordered quite a few of these in other colours, and tried it over the weekend. Yes it's really soft and comfortable for snorkelling, freediving and spearfishing, and my jaws don't feel tired biting this for extended periods of time in the sea :)
The mask is not bat, but came a little dirty the vision trought glass is a bit smaller then expected didnt tried under water pressure but think its air tight. Altought seller is not wery trusty, after ordered and transferred the money seller respond after four or six days sayng that item has been shipped. But next day he contacted me and said that the blue glasses is gone and asked me to chose another color. that means he hadnt send me a package prevesiuos day has he told me. thats why I wont buy anything from him anymore.