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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for nozzle voor haardroger
It's working as it should, but I can't measure, if the display shows the right temperature. The lowest temperature is more than 60°C as marked on the heatgun. On high airflow it is around 100°C, on the low airflow a bit less. The different caps have to be pushed a bit together to get a tight fit. Shipping took a month.
It's a nice heat gun and great value but isn't temperature controlled from the LCD sensor so you can't set the heat and let it be regulated (which I was hoping for, hence 4 stars), you have to adjust the temperature control and keep checking the display but it does settle quickly and stays fairly stable. So the LCD just reads the temperture near the output but it is still very useful. I measured the output with an accurate thermocouple at 20mm from the gun's nozzle as the LCD's sensor is close the hot coil, at lowest on LCD 55C thermo read 65C (10C higher), then at LCD 400C (I) thermo is about 100C lower and at 600C (II) thermo is about 150C lower, it's normal to get loss on the output and I've shown the measurements so you can allow for them. I also liked this gun as you can get a 5 wire replacement element for it as they don't always last long with heavy use, also at 1800w it doesn't run quite as hot as the 2000w models and so I expect the heater coil to last longer that those ones.