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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for pantyhose t
Excellent seller, arrived in under two weeks, very pleased. I have bought quite a few of these tops. I like getting the open hands ones, and wearing it with the pantyhose gloves also sold on this site. Trust me, if you want to drive your man wild, wear these ( and of course pantyhose too) he will adore you forever! Feels amazing!!
Great seller, received in 2 weeks. I love these bodysuits, I wear them all the time. They hold up surprising well considering it is just a pantyhose top. I have a 38" chest, so after a few wearing, the side seams opposite chest starts to pull apart a little. And I suggest you wear a color stay lipstick. Regular lipstick will stain it. As long as they keep making this, I will keep buying it, along with the pantyhose gloves, just a great look and feel