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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for pruse
I ordered two different styles, and both are beautiful! They’re very sturdy and were shipped in a really nice bubble wrap box. They had cling film around them to protect them further. I was really impressed with the care the seller took to ensure my order got to me undamaged. The purses themselves are perfect! They are a little smaller than I expected, but very good quality!
yet to put these into service but so far I'm very impressed, everything fits together very well and the main gear spins quite true it would seem. The plastics need a little bit of a cleanup but the price was quite fair. The front cover appears to fit nice and square with the back half which is good. previously I paid a lot more for a Titan that would jam if all 4 screws were fitted to the front cover even finger tight. this seems like a big improvement on that. oh and only 9 days delivery time to Australia, awesome!