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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for pump temperature
I got three of these, note there is two variations of the valve. One with a pointed internal, like in the third picture and the other with with a bucket. the third one didn't work at all.
Produces a great amount of steam for disinfecting. The protective sleeve on the steam line was affected by the high temperature. Was difficult to re-pack into the box! I have many cleaning uses for this!
The unit I received had an additional control knob on top of the unit aside from the power switch at the unit's side. This knob was not in the photos in the product pages so I was surprised, but happily since this is an additional control for the unit's functioning. Of course, one could say the description was not accurate but I'd rather say, not yet updated. So, very satisfied. I had a little problem, however with initial usage because the enclosed instructions were printed in chinese. But since this isn't such a high tech gadget anyway, it was easy to just do some experimentation. And, my first steam-cleaning project was a success: a forgotten screened door clogged with dirt. I was hoping, however, that I could use the unit for un-wrinkling my clothes but it seems the nozzle size is too large (for the generic nozzle, haven't tried the other one yet) and the clothes will just get wet. Will update this later if that is possible. So, five stars, so far. Oh, delivery was quite fast.