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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for ring with stone women
As always I am happy to deal with this store and costumer service representatives. Such a great service, ver accurate packaging and arrived in a week. Besides the great quality of product and price you will find here quality of service. Highly recommend Five stars. Thanks.
Now if you know anything about jewelry you know this store. She put out some really good stuff. I have got this pink ring in all colors and I've giving it to so many for gifts. She is beautiful. Check out all of the colors. You won't be disappointed.
Received 32days to Brunei. Ring type is similar to the pictures. Color is mostly purple. When rings accidently fell, they didn't break. So i'm not sure if they are genuine hematite. could be brass? Looks Good. Accurate size.
Luxury Art Deco Design Ring with 1x2ct Princess, 6x0,25ct Emerald and 24x0,1ct Brilliant Round Diamonds. Radiation test result rises to level of heated and/or simulated diamonds. Thermal conductivity test result more modest. Color under ultraviolet light purplish blue. Cubic Zirconia is yellow, orange or inert according to West scientific sources. Natural diamonds are blue, purple a.o. according to tester list. Australian test result:most common fluorescence in colorless diamonds blue. European price level for unheated natural diamond, 2ct, D, IF-LC is 83600USD, 0,25ct 412USD and 0,1ct 90USD according to Antwerp World Diamond Center. Australian price for Colorless Diamond, 3.07ct is 57675USD, 0,22ct 750USD and 0,09ct 402USD. For comparison, European price level for simulated clear diamond 1.43ct is 65000EUR, 0,25ct 2000EUR and little ones even 1800EUR. Diamonds natural on the basis of weight: CZ heavier than natural. Finnish Criminals broken White Gold, but diamonds indestructible