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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for set van man
This costume perfectly matches the pictures. It may not be an identical replica of the movie costume (ex: material and some of details), but I'd say it's still overall very good for the price. Neatly made and the customer service was responsive and helpful. I appreciate your hard work on the costume.
Make sure you add 10 days for the process of making the suit. We did not, but it turned out okay. It came here on the deadline we needed it. It is excellent quality, size is accurate (XXL). The leather parts do shift a bit but there's nothing a safety pin can't handle. Overall the product description is very accurate and we are very happy with it. If you want a good replica costume, this is the one!
Jacket 10/10 Trousers 10/10 Belt 10/10 Gloves 6/10 Covers Boots 6/10 Accessories 7/10 Mask 2/10 All was well less the mask, the mask is awful, I cant use this. Jacket was fit But trousers was too big
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