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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for nederzetting
QUALITY AND AGING:Realistic re-made,White Copper substituting orig. Silver.Got colour and feeling of the real coin.Important,,as I have noted several replica coin sellers mixing in Nickel,making the copy greyer,less Silver-looking.Aging',patina'' is what you would have expected from a 44 year old silver coin(IF circulated!).Quality VF.Put together: a top-class copy! COST:Very reasonable! SELLER: Professional&sympathetic. SHIPPING: Received specific packet,incl.this item,only14 days after payment was done.Astonishing,and 2nd such in short time! I only remember very few arriving in/around 3 weeks,during the 8½years I have bought and studied replica coins.Note that the average shipping time from China to Easter North America is 4 weeks &+.Since Fall of 2017 shipping times have much improved,though . TOTAL CONCLUSION: A much recommended seller!