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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for shirt silk
Beautiful genuine silk blouse! I'm happy with my purchase and I even won a pair of toast socks. Thankful. The silk thread is manufactured from the cocoon cocoon of various butterflies. The most common is Bombyx mori, mulberry silkworm, which accounts for 95% of world production. Modern sericulture is mechanized, but the production process is basically the same as 5,000 years ago.
Beautiful shirt, nice fabric, very fast shipment and delivery! Worth to mention is that customers should study carefully the table with sizes and measures as these may be different per country. My wife normally has size M, but according to this table we ordered XL, with fits perfectly. Thank you very much for doing business (and for the small present in the package)! We will surely come back to Suya Dream Shop!
Very nice silk material. Very thin which is good for the summer. Have ordered many items from the store. The store sells genuine silk. Happy with the purchase. Thank you seller!
These turtlenecks are midweight, very comfortable, with a slightly relaxed neck that does not fall, just as advertised. I am careful to check their actual measurements against a top I like so I know exactly what size to purchase. So far all their items have been perfect and the colors exactly as shown. I like the Kaoteter Store: they ship quickly and it rarely takes more than a couple of weeks to get the items.