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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for schoen zone laarzen
These boots are pretty well exactly as shown in the listing. Well made. The only reservation I still have is about the size. The size I got being 265mm, the boots do not confirm the size. However, they are somewhat on the long and narrow side. That is, they fit me tight sideways, but are overall long in the toe. So I can neither say they are too big nor too small. But they are not perfect for my taste either. Still, pretty well made boots; and I think I will get used to the generous length.
I got my shoes. The seller answered my questions, with the size suggested. But a little big, very loose inside. I would measure it by a smaller size, but I'm not sure that there will not be small ones. Therefore, I take the insole and I think everything will be ok. I took on 27 cm - 9.5. Those who have a wide foot is very suitable. Looks cool! The truth has not yet tested them in walking, it's still cold;) Maybe later, if boots will be ok in use, will take ones more - black. Thanks!
Thank you. Great product. Fast delivery, courier to the door. The mesh corresponds. But if you decide to take with fur - it is worth it to shit a size bigger. (or consult with the seller)
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