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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for straps xiaomi amazfit bit stainless steel
I put for this bracelet feedback 5 stars, because it looks great. But I would not suggest to choose ceramics Bradley, because it’s very fragile. I have already broken one piece of bracelet.
Very nice quality metal band. shipping was relatively fast and product was packaged very well. Communication from seller was fast and accurate. Highly recommended. Band is quick release and compatible wit most watches (amazfit bip for me). A tool is provided to remove links from the band. All in all a good buy and excellent seller.
initial impressions. service: perfect. 10 days turn around for mainland Australia. product: as described, lag bars are quick release type with one spare. it is necessary to adjust the band. 1. measure against existing locked band. 2. new band will be longer so you have to cut excessive 1/2 length from each half of the band. 3. using punch/fork tool supplied, reposition spring bars. 3. three holes microadjustment is available on the lock itself if necessary. materials: stamped steel lock assembly, art rubber. durability is unknown.
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