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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for tpa3255
The 15V regulator mounted in the board is LM2575S-15 as opposed to the required LM2575HVS-15, thus limiting the supply voltage of the board to 40Vdc, as opposed to the 51Vdc required by TPA3255 to get full output power. The 3.3V regulator is missing, and hence the fault indicatore leds remain lit all the time. Other mounted components are not up to specs, such as smaller filter inductor and capacitor for the 15V regulator, and TL072 OpAmps instead of NE5532. HOWEVER FOR THE PRICE, THE AMP IS OK provided you replace the 15V regulator with the HV model.
Amp works well and sounds good. Heat sink barely gets warm, though I am using 95db efficient speakers so not using too much power. Unusually the FAULT and CLIP_OTW lights are always on though the vendor says this is normal and they should go off if there is a problem. Amp has one voltage regulator missing that was shown in the ad - not sure if what (if any) effect this has.