Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for trx 4 wiel
These brass knuckle weights are large and heavy. If you have 1.9 wheels with a beadlock ring on the inside you might have some clearance issues with these weights but they fit the standard TRX-4 with no problems. I would suggest something like the Boom Racing Chroma wheels or something similar so that you can get the wheels over the weights. The bulk of the weight in these is as low as possible meaning that they provide the maximum benefit to a lower COG. The one piece design of these weights meant that installing them was an easy job with no problems. The bearing recesses are quite precise and the internal threads were well formed. There are no gaps between these and the inner portals. I was quite surprised at just how much of a forward shift in the COG there was with these weights. I was fully aware that the pair weighed 230 grams but it is one thing to know that and quite another to feel the extra weight forward when you pick up the rig.