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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for wavgat
Tested and it works flawlessly, the seller shipped the goods very fast. It was my third order from this seller but I am already expecting the fourth shipment to arrive. I plan to buy from them in the future. Good packaging with bubble wrap on both sides (see picture).
Delivery was about 1 month, the seller split the order into two parsels, in case of more 30 pcs, so you keep in mind, don't check items, I recommend the seller
sent by FedexIE to Canada, which I chose. delivered in a week. the seller gave me an incorrect tracking number, but later the seller sent me a correct one upon my request.
Well this sensor is unuseable, not problem of the seller, but this sensor reacts on almost every gas, not just CO2, which sucks for me, because you dont know where is problme right now...