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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for xmos
Works great. Powerful enough for HD650. Will need a another mini usb cable to charge. Overall great little amp/dac. Arrived to my local post office after 24 days; fastest shipped item from that shopping batch.
Hi Quality output. Aluminum body. Powered my same data USB connection. Work 100% with Windows 10, in Windows 8 and 8.1, totally not working. And windows 7 need to update few security patches. Topping customer support didn't respond for any of my E-mails. Also there are no any volume controllers in the device. (Check the device with onkyo paf55 amp and JBL gold monitor speakers)
Very high quality DAC/HP-amp, definitely ds burn-in me, after a few hours playtime connecting to Line-output it is starting to sound transparent and showsti lots of details. Will report back in a week for SQ line stage, and a week later for HP-amp stage (including DAC-stage).nee Good communication with seller, very fast shipment too! Have to ask for replacement Micro-Usb cable since one connector is not locking (see pictures)
Great use !!! Great sound !!! A little bit difficult to use it at beginning but with notice all good. I’m really impressed by the sound of this little item! Be careful it cost 28€ tax to France with dhl. Good communication with seller, thanks