Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for nul ram en rem
It's very beautiful and the colors are bright and strong! The image quality is much better than expected and shipping was quick enough to impress me xD 100 times better than my old trash wallet i got for free when buying a game back in 2008. I'm just loving this product all the way! And the price is just great. There is a size comparison in the last one of my pictures, where I'm comparing it with a normal sized keyboard and a "foot sized" bluetooth speaker.
It looks very good and the pillow cover is very soft (skinfriend) The colors are very good and so is the resolution. The seller was very quick in response to my messages and also in shipping the order. It only took 2 weeks for the package to get to me (and it was a custom one side print). I definetly recommend both the store for the good and fast service and the product for the very good quality!